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Logotec sells and decorates stem glasses, flûtes, tumblers, beer mugs, cups and glass accessories with laser engraving and silkscreen printing, providing through a competent and trained sales network a tailor-made consultancy service designed for the specific needs of professionals of the Ho.Re.Ca. world. In addition to the decoration service, Logotec is one of the few companies authorized to affix the CE-compliant MID certified weight line. Third party processing is another strong point, with a volume of decorated items ranking Logotec among the first Italian companies specializing in this type of service.


Calici e flûte personalizzati con logo

Stem glasses & Flûtes

Red and White Wine, Sparkling Wines and Champagne, Spirits and Beer: a selection of first-class stem glasses and flûtes


Wine Cups

Classic and timeless curves and pleasantly vintage designs to accompany drinks, cocktails and spirits in the most elegant way

Bicchieri e tumblers personalizzati con logo

Glasses & Tumblers

A selection of glasses and tumblers perfectly fit for any combination: spirits, long drinks, soft drinks and water

Bottiglie da acqua e vino personalizzate con logo


Bottles suitable for all uses and circumstances - from water to wine, with particular attention to practicality and design

Tazzine da caffè e cappuccino in vetro personalizzate con logo

Coffee cups

From espresso to cappuccino through tea, infusions and hot drinks, we have the right solution interpreted in the glass

Boccali da birra personalizzati con logo

Beer mugs

A selection of mugs of all sizes, particularly suitable for customization in multi-color silkscreen print



Everything you need to impeccably serve wine, water, beer and all kinds of drinks on your table



Our wide offer of glass items for the Ho.Re.Ca. world is completed by an assortment of ashtrays and bowls

Bicchieri da birra personalizzati con logo

Beer glasses

The best for pubs, breweries and craft breweries: we have the right glass to enhance the characteristics of every beer

Decanter da vino personalizzati con logo


The perfect workmates for tasting and serving important wines, with an eye to elegance and design


Calici e flûte per vino rosso personalizzati con logo

Red Wine

The senses of an emotion

From young to aged, we have the perfect glass for each red wine

Tumblers per cocktail, long drinks e bibite personalizzati con logo

Long Drinks

Enjoy your life

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for all times and circumstances

Calici e flûte per vino bianco personalizzati con logo

White Wine

A heart-warming coolness

Aperitif, meal, dessert: there is a white wine for every occasion

Calici e tumblers per distillati personalizzati con logo


Drops from the distillery

Brandy, Cognac, Grappa, Whiskey: there's a glass for every spirit

Flûte e calici per spumanti, franciacorta e champagne personalizzati con logo

Sparkling wines

The party's spirit

Sparkling wines cannot be missing when there is something to celebrate

Boccali, bicchieri e calici da birra personalizzati con logo


The gold on the table

Ale, Lager, Lambic... every beer has a suitable mug, glass or stem glass

Bicchieri da acqua personalizzati con logo


Your style, naturally

The most natural of all drinks… which can also be sparkling

Tazzine e tazze in vetro per caffè e cappuccino personalizzate con logo


An Italian classic

Cups and mugs for the Italian drink par excellence



Third party processing

Third party processing - laser engraving, screen printing, marking with MID CE weight level - is a fundamental aspect of our business. Thousands of glass items pass through our production lines every day, which our customers entrust to us with the certainty of finding in Logotec a reliable partner, capable of finding economically sustainable and technically flawless solutions to any need. The internal technical / graphic department represents a further strength, both from the point of view of cost containment and timing.

Laser engraving

Calici, flûte, bicchieri, tumblers, boccali e tazzine in vetro personalizzati con incisione laser

Laser engraving is a sustainable and permanent solution for decorating your goblets, mugs, glasses and bottles with logos, marks and level lines. In addition, the base of the logo can be used as a level mark: a solution that allows you to save many bottles over the course of the year!

Unlike many competitors, Logotec has an internal graphic studio capable of ensuring a fast and professional service, tailored to the customer's project.

Silkscreen print

Calici, flûte, bicchieri, tumblers, boccali e tazzine in vetro personalizzati con stampa in serigrafia

Logotec decorates in screen printing up to four colors with a 600 ° vitrification technique that guarantees a scratch- and wash-proof result. Having a multi-stage oven, Logotec is able to manage the entire production process internally, reducing costs for the customer and guaranteeing impeccable processing quality.

The internal technical office is able to provide the customer with an accurate technical drawing to evaluate the solution that best suits his needs.


Calici, flûte, bicchieri, tumblers, boccali e tazzine in vetro con stazza di livello a laser o in serigrafia

Whenever a tailor-made drink is sold, it must be guaranteed. Therefore, the operator is obliged to serve in containers with a trusted line.

Logotec is one of the few certified Italian companies authorized to apply the MID line of trust according to the law (also known as level tonnage, level line, certified tonnage) according to Directive 2014/32 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 02/26/2014, both laser and screen printing.

Logotec is a Rastal official partner

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