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The laser engraving, aesthetically fine and non-invasive, is particularly suitable for wine glasses - with the possibility of processing both on the cup and on the foot -, tumblers, carafes, decanters and bottles. In addition to customization with logo, laser processing lends itself to marking with certified tonnage and perlage point.


How does it work?

The laser beam, piloted by a numerically controlled machine, scratches the surface of the glass making it opaque. Laser processing is an engraving technique, not a printing one: for this reason it allows to obtain only one color, satin white.

What are the benefits?

Resistance: The laser processing is not a print applied to the glass, but an incision made on the glass: it is therefore impossible to remove, scratch-proof, resistant to repeated washing in industrial dishwashers.

Economic sustainability: The laser processing allows you to customize both large quantities of glasses and small or very small batches.

Service level: by positioning the base of the logo at a certain quantity per service (eg 10cl for wine glasses) the merchant can save numerous bottles over the course of the year!

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