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Screen printing allows you to create a print with a marked and high color rendering as well as lasting over time. The high definition and the possibility of decorating in multiple colors make this technique particularly suitable for complex decorations with a strong visual impact.


How does it work?

Screen printing is a real printing technique: the colored pigments are fused with the glass inside a multi-stage oven capable of working at very high temperatures (around 600 °).

The vitrification process allows to obtain a permanent decoration, resistant to intensive and repeated washing, scratches and abrasions.

Having a multi-stage oven, Logotec is able to internally manage the entire production process with the possibility of printing up to four colors, including white. Screen printing is also available for third party work.

The internal graphic studio is able to provide the customer with an accurate technical drawing to evaluate the solution that best suits his needs.

What are the benefits?

Resistance: Unlike other companies, Logotec adopts a printing technique based on high temperatures: the colored pigments are not simply applied to the glass but literally fused into the glass and, therefore, impossible to remove, scratch-proof, resistant to repeated washing in industrial dishwashers.

Accuracy: Screen printing allows for precise prints down to the smallest detail, and is therefore ideal for elaborate graphics.


Versatility: By working in screen printing it is possible to 'wrap' the graphics around the glass, using the entire surface of the support as a printing area.

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