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The European directive 2014/32 / EU, known as MID, is a community directive that applies to measuring instruments and regulates their production, marketing and putting into service. The MID introduces an "additional metrological marking (M)" to be added to the well-known CE marking applied to products that comply with the requirements defined by European Community directives.

The directive applies to multiple categories of measuring instruments, but also to materialized measures of capacity (such as glasses, jugs, mugs and carafes) used in cases where the measure must be guaranteed.

From 1 November 2016, measuring instruments that do not comply with the requirements of the directive and that do not have the CE marking and supplementary metrology marking can no longer be placed on the market.

Whenever you sell a drink made to measure, the measure must be guaranteed. Therefore, the operator is obliged to serve in containers marked metrologically and equipped with certified trust line (or brim).

In order to apply the CE marking and the supplementary metrology marking, the manufacturer of the containers must have obtained recognition and certification from a Notified Body.

In this sense, Logotec s.r.l., since 2012, can apply the legal markings as it produces materialized measures of capacity compliant with Annex X (MI-008) of the MID directive as recognized and certified by the Notified Body no. 0476.

In Italy, the directive was implemented with legislative decree of 19 May 2016, n. 84 - Implementation of Directive 2014/32 / EU relating to measuring instruments. The penalties are not small, as reported in art. 20.

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